Bruker EMX Low Temperature Instrument

Low Temperature CW EPR Spectrometer

Bruker X-Band EMX

This instrument is capable CW EPR experiments from cryogenic to above room temperatures.  It has the following equipment:

  • Magnet
    • 12" Bruker EPR Magnet
  • Bridges
    • X-Band CW Bridge
    • Q-Band CW Bridge with Dispersion Arm
  • Cavities/Resonators:
    • X-Band
      • High Sensitivity Cavity: ER 4119HS
    • Q-Band
      • Laboratory-Built CW EPR/ENDOR Resonator
  • Temperature Control
    • Oxford Liquid Helium Standard Cryostat
    • Nitrogen Gas Flow Temperature Regulator

Ohio Advanced EPR Laboratory
651 East High Street
055 Hughes Laboratories
Oxford, OH 45056