A Linux BASH script for generating figures from the output of the ETH DEER Analysis package and the OAEPRL output files.

This package is a series of BASH scripts that rapidly generate PDF files for a given data set.


Required software:

Linux with a BASH shell


texlive (or any package that provides the "epstopdf" command line tool)


OAEPRL Data Plotting Package

The following scripts are included:

deerplot - The DEER Analysis package from the Jeschke group at ETH gives an output of several ACSII files containing the time, frequency, distance and L-curve data.  We wrote a small script that is meant to run in Linux that will rapidly generate a PDF file with the time, frequency, distance and L-curve plots.

eseemplot - This script generates a PDF file containing the time, background-subtracted and frequency domain data for 1D ESEEM data sets.

3pvtau - This script generates a PDF for each 3P vs. tau data set (it is desined to take the output files from the OAEPRL 3P ESEEM processing package)

asciiplot - This is a generalized version of the script that prompts for the title, axes labels and data columns and creates a PDF file.